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Innovative Territorial Cluster of Aircraft and Shipbuilding of the Khabarovsk Territory (ITCAS KT) was created in April 2012 (Minutes of the General Cluster Members Meeting №1 of 13.04.2012). ITCAS KT is managed by ANO "Far Eastern Agency for Promoting Innovation" (ANO "FEAPI").

Khabarovsk Territory is one of the most developed industrial region and strategically important Russian Far East territory.

Organization of a competitive industrial complex on the region's territory that meets the current challenges of innovative development of the Far East and Russia's economy is one of the strategic goals of the region development.

To achieve its development goals, ANO "FEAPI" promotes the implementation of working methods that allow enterprises of the Khabarovsk Territory enter the most fast-growing market, particularly, Pacific Rim market in a short time. One of the methods is a cluster policy application in innovative and industrial fields.

Cluster policy of the Khabarovsk Territory should become an effective instrument of Russian innovative development in Far East. Foothold for active technological and trade expansion of Russian products in the Pacific Rim market has already been established on the region base.

Currently, there are many backgrounds in economy of Khabarovsk Territory for cluster formation. These include: sustainable industrial enterprises, mechanical engineering skills, ample freight and logistics opportunities of region including SEZ in Port of Vanino; close proximity to Asian markets; experience of inter-sectoral cooperation of different branches of mechanical engineering; infrastructure and land for implementation of investment projects; involvement of leading Russian development institutes in realization of the region's investment projects; successful experience of organizing international projects with China, South Korea, Japan and other Pacific Rim countries.

The main goal of Cluster is to create reengineering and innovation development machine-building center and sophisticated high-tech products sector in Far East.

The activities of Cluster aimed at achieving the main goal are the following: -Competence building in areas of modern engineering. – Creation of conditions for raising the level of competence in the new high-tech manufacturing sectors of the world economy. – Increasing of presence and number of world companies with competence, related to base core of Cluster on the Khabarovsk Territory. – Organization of communication between members and professional community of Cluster. - Organization of Cluster communication with the external environment: searching for partners, benchmarking and transfer of best experience, promotion of alliances forming and development of ties of cooperation among enterprises at the level of a company and global innovation networks. – Solution of logistic-related problems of Cluster. – Developing a marketing strategy to promote the Cluster and its members in the global market.

Key projects as part of the Cluster development:

Development of the Cluster's overall strategy including preparation a technology roadmaps of development basic Cluster sectors, formulation of an innovative, stuffing and marketing strategy of Cluster;

Development of communications (e.g., engineering forum, international program of experience exchange);

Logistics development in the Khabarovsk Territory in order to reach the objectives of Cluster's basic sectors;

Improving the educational process: assistance in development of educational programs for the Cluster's higher education institutions, including competence development in modern design systems, project management, material science, smart systems and other fields of knowledge;

Enabling conditions for engineering development from conceptualization to development of the working documentation, mathematical modelling of the life cycle and prototyping;

Promote the development of innovation development infrastructure in Cluster such as technopark, business incubator, specialized research network, etc.


Cluster members:

Aircraft and Shipbuilding companies (construction, assembly and repair of air and sea vessels of various classes); design bureau, academic research and project institution (technologies of engine building, materials science, electronics, etc.);

Machine-building companies (engine building, electronics and navigation devices, running gears, etc.);

Materials suppliers (manufacture of metal products, materials for shells, etc.);

Universities and colleges, as well as other educational centers preparing cadres in the field of mechanical engineering in a wide range of possible specialties (manual labour occupations, engineering professions, management, marketing, etc.);

Interested authorities (Government of Khabarovsk Territory, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and others);

Other interested parties.



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Gabunov Vadim Vadimovich

Cluster Development Center Manager

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