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JSC Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support

 AO "SME Bank" is implementing a state program of financial support for small and medium-sized businesses.

The services of the company are:

- lending to SMEs at a rate of up to 9%;

- warranty support in obtaining bank loans;

- guarantee support in the implementation of state contracts.

Organization website: https://www.mspbank.ru/ 

Programs included:

There are 15 products in SME Bank range of credit, all of which aim to lending as on general terms as in the special segment.

Projects of priority sectors:

- Agriculture/services in this field;

- Manufacturing, including food production, primary ...

JSC SME Bank provides guarantees for bank loans and in the lack of collateral provides access to credit resources.

In order to obtain the guarantee a borrower has to apply the partner-bank.

The bank guarantee is provided for a period ...