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Hydrostatic level gauge "KEDR-DMZ"

Hydrostatic level gauge "KEDR-DMZ"

Проведение НИОКР | Геомониторинг
  • Starting date: 01.09.2016
  • Ending date: 01.09.2017

Project description

A hydrostatic level gauge "Kedr-DMZ" is designed for periodic measurement of liquid hydrostatic level by measuring the overpressure of the liquid. The hydrostatic level gauge stores measurement, telemetric and diagnostic information in non-volatile memory and transmit an accumulated information to consumer via existing channels of cellular network of GSM 900/1800 standard and Internet channels.

The hydrostatic level gauge is used for monitoring of water level in water and observation wells and also for monitoring of quality of underground water in different manufactures including refineries and oil and gas producing enterprises. Various types of sensors can be connected to the hydrostatic level gauge, if necessary.

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