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State support

The programme aims tosupport commercially oriented scientific and technical projects young researchers.

Natural persons aged 18 to 30 inclusive can take part in the competition for this programme. The amount of the grant is ₽ 500 thousand. The period of ...

The programme aims to assistance of natural and legal persons, which pursue production (technology, services) based on scientific and technological research results and which on the primary stage now.  

Participants: natural persons and legal persons that is small business.

The ...

Investment support for non-commodity sector of the economy. Recipients are residents of the Russian Federation.

Criteria for investment:

Company's revenue is ₽ 0,5 to ₽ 5 billion;

Companies should have export earnings;

Project budget is ₽ 500 million to ₽ ...

Only Skolkovo Foundation's member (resident) can get a mini-grant. The maximum amount of a mini-grant is no more than ₽ 5 million.

Only Skolkovo Foundation's member (resident) can get a micro-grant. The maximum amount of a micro-grant is no more than ₽ 1,5 million. Participants can apply for grants no more than ₽ 4 million of the total amount.