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State support

There are 15 products in SME Bank range of credit, all of which aim to lending as on general terms as in the special segment.

Projects of priority sectors:

- Agriculture/services in this field;

- Manufacturing, including food production, primary ...

IDF provides funding of projects are intended to machine tool building production into line with the principles of best technologies.

The loan amount varies from ₽ 50 to ₽ 500 million;

The interest rate is 5%;

The period of loan ...

Only Skolkovo Foundation's member (resident) can get a micro-grant. The amount of the grant varies from ₽ 5 million to ₽ 300 million with the growing proportional co-funding.

The loan amount varies from ₽ 50 to ₽ 500;

The interest rate is 5%;

The period of loan is 5 years;

The overall project budget no less than ₽ 100 million;

Co-financing by the applicant, private investors or banks ...

The programme aims to assistance of companies having experience in sales of high-technology products and planning development of new kinds of products.

 Legal persons that are small businesses can take part in the competition for this programme, which haven't treaties ...